New Topic Book Front Cover

Our new topic is ‘Frozen Kingdom’. Please could you create a new topic book cover using google docs. You must include the following information

  • Your Name
  • 6LG
  • Frozen Kingdom
  • Autumn 2

Use the following links to support you in designing your new topic book cover

Our Trip to the Mosque

Use the following links to research information about eh Mosque for your information leaflet.

when you’re carrying out your research, think about the following questions:

  1. Describe the layout of a Mosque – what happens in each room?
  2. Describe why people go to a Mosque – what special occasions are celebrated at a Mosque?
  3. What days do people usually go to a Mosque to pray?

Video One

Video Two

Link One

Link Two

Link Three

Link to Birmingham City Mosque


Image result for birmingham central mosque